Monte Carlo Pi

Using random numbers, it's possible to approximate $\pi$. Here's the strategy: Draw a unit circle (radius of $1$), and pay attention to the portion in the top right quadrant. The »

Gridworld - Evolving Intelligent Critters

Recently I've been independent-studying for the AP Computer Science exam, and I made this to help me prepare. This program is a Gridworld1 Critter (named FlowerHunter) that hunts Flowers by »

Evolutionary Art

Random mathematical equations are used to draw pictures, which are then run through a cartesian genetic programmer (CGP) to generate increasingly attractive images. Click your favorite picture. Avoid choosing the »

HTML5 Fractal Explorer

Skip to demo Fractals are, in my opinion, the coolest structures in all of math. As if being spectacular to look at weren't enough, they're infinitely detailed. Literally. You can »

Testing out Javascript in Ghost

Testing out how easy it is to run javascript in a ghost post. This is a Worley noise function colored with a R->G->B color map and animated by »